Friday, May 20, 2011

Interleague 2011 – why are we still debating if this is a good thing?

Is there such a baseball thing as a baseball “purist”? If so, would they even still be watching MLB? I would think between collective bargaining, strikes, and steroids they would have transferred their interest elsewhere by now, but maybe that’s not the case. It seems every year for the last 15 seasons we listen to people complain about the changes it puts the club through, how the batting line-up is affected, or the pitching staff needs another series to get back to normal etc., and now that the scheduling doesn’t make sense. Ok, I get the argument that if you’re matched up with another division, then you should play EVERY club in that division at least once, similar to the NFL. I also understand the one of the main draws to inter-league scheduling are the rivalry matchups (ie; Yankees/Mets, Dodgers/Angeles, Cards, Royals) so there are going to be some pairings that must compensate but a simple solution is instead of the Cubs playing a three game set with the Mariners, make it two. I understand that if you take a game away from one club to accommodate a rivalry there could be some serious ripple effects as your extrapolate it out for instance this season the Mets play 15 games against AL clubs with a .500 record or better opposed to the Nats that play none and that’s why the system might need to be tweaked just a bit. However, you have to remember that the Colorado Rockies are not going to have a rivalry series nor are the Mariners or Nats, so not everyone is going to love shaking things up, but c’mon even fans in those markets who are sick of the fact that they don’t get any love nationwide, will still tune in to see the Yanks n’ Mets, Cubs n’ Sox, and Dodgers/Angels. MLB learned from the NBA and NFL that you have to get your marquis clubs and start players in markets that would never get a chance to see them play with the exception of a World Series because as we know, that could take a hundred years and most of us don’t have that long (no pun Cubs fans).

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