Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How long will it take for baseball to strike out McCourt?

When will this non-sense stop? How can one of the most storied sports franchises in all of The major sports, be belly-up? Well, here’s how. You have the governing body of the sport Major League Baseball, decide to let someone with bad credentials and a sketchy financial history, buy the team. Then that owner decides behind closed doors to spend the franchises money on houses, trips, personal items and keeping his greedy wife happy. Only when the marriage to the greedy wife goes belly-up, does the dirt surface to the top and here we are.

So the Dodgers, the Los Angeles Dodgers, winners of six championships in the City of Angels are broke. Owner Frank McCourt has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The motive behind the move of course is so the most hated man in Southern California can meet the teams payroll for June 30th. The club will receive 150 million in Debtor in Possession financing. This will allow the players, venders, workers and everyone else involved to be paid, while the club can continue to function. What is also does, is buys MCBROKE, time to try and convince Baseball’s commissioner Bud Selig to let him do a multi-billion dollar television deal with a network to bring instant income to the Dodgers financial state.

This is where baseball and the commish need to strike MCBROKE out once and for all. First of all, the bankruptcy of the club cannot possibly be in the best interest of baseball. I don’t care if it was Selig’s blockage of MCBROKE’S Fox Deal that put these wheels in motion. That was done because the commish doesn’t trust the owner after the word came out during his divorce he was using Dodgers money to finance his lifestyle. Why should baseball give this guy a free pass to first,when all these troubles were brought on by himself? It shouldn’t plain and simple. Selig should use the bankruptcy as enough evidence that it would be in the best interest of baseball for the leagueto take over the franchise. Now this will most likely happen, but it needs to happen now!

Dodger fans are among the most loyal in the sport. The club hasn’t won a World Series title since 1988. 22 years is a long time in any league, yet fans have rolled through the gates of their blue heaven at at Chavez Ravine at a clip of over three-million a year, up until this mess of 2011. Now the home base is basically boycotting the franchise to the tune of thousands of empty seats in one of the most pristine stadiums in the bigs. For Dodger fans to put their wallets down is really saying somethingin itself. Now it’s time for Mr. Selig to back the fans play and boot MCBROKE out of the game for

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