Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Interleague play survives the schedule challenges

The interleague schedule was facing some serious challenges with the ‘dogs of chance’ as the most of the last place or fledgling clubs were scheduled with non-rivalry competition. IE; DBacks / Royals (19k tickets sold), Florida/LAAngels (17k), and Rockies/ Indians (15k) but other than those MLB has made another case in point how valuable inter-league play is. Aberrations like the Last place A’s taking on the Mets drew 37k paid, and even the last place, 10-games out Orioles drew 33k paid (38 total) against the Pirates on a Tuesday so if this group of games was the big concern then Selig now has some money in the bank. Cornerstones like Cards/Phillies (40K), Cubs/White Sox (35k) delivered despite challenging weather, and attendance strongholds like LA (38k vs. Detroit) and Boston (38K vs. last place San Diego) can always be counted on to tow the company line. The games did their best to help out as five of the twelve games were within one run, so despite the fact that there was no sell-outs per say, the attendance wasn’t the disappointment expected and the fans were treated to some pretty good baseball.

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