Friday, October 7, 2011

Double Nickels to get the weekend going

It will be hard to top yesterday’s game 5 in the ALDS but I think we have a good shot at doing so as we have two game fives that promise to be tense from start to finish with every run making a huge difference. The Brewers host the DBacks in the early game and the Cards travel to Philly in the second. If the DBacks can get through the Prince & Braun Boardwalk / Parkplace neighborhood and make some of the other Brewcrew beat em’ they have a shot of winning on the road, but that task has been the toughest in baseball as Milwaukee has the best home record in the league (and that place is loud!)

The Cardinals vs. the Phillies, Carpenter 11-9 2.45 vs. Halladay 19-6. 2.35, Pujols / Holliday vs. Howard / Utley, oh yea and this is the deciding game to see who advances to the NLCS. Everything about this game indicates a winner. Often big games don’t live up to the hype but I think this one will.

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