Thursday, October 6, 2011

No shells will be spared

We knew the Tigers matched up well with the Yankees as they actually defeated them in their season series but I think most of us were surprised to see them push the Boomers to the brink of elimination twice as the Evil Empire has always ruled the month of October more than Halloween. However as much as we may have thought this time will be different , and as good of a story as it would have been, you normally only get one opportunity to assonate the King and the Tigers may have missed theirs in Game 4 when they were in the friendly confines of Comerica Park in front of 43,527. Now they must travel back to hallowed ground and knock off Goliath in a house that has more ghost than the old Boston Garden. We won’t bother with the cliché that there is no tomorrow and no doubt both clubs are preparing as such as captain Joe has already stated that CC will be ready for work and will get the nod if called upon. In fact all pitchers are said to be locked, loaded, and ready to fire upon request. All except the future Cy Young award winner as Verlander will be saved for tomorrow but a loss tonight and there will be no tomorrow for the Tigers.

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