Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dodgers Address the Symptom but not the Cause - a follow up

Over the past 30 days the Dodgers have been doing their best Yankees impression by spending endless amounts of money on whatever was available in the marketplace to get them the season and hopefully the postseason, with the optimal result being a World Series. If they fall short then they’ll do their best to unload any dead weight and try to squeeze as many runs at the ***le as they can with this group and hope they don’t end up in the same BK court as Frank Mc. That reciprocal to “Money Ball” philosophy has worked in NYC even though they haven’t been fitted for rings lately but because of the lucrative cable and merchandising and the ‘Mother Ship of ESPN” televising more hours of Yankee games than all the political commercials combined they seem to make up any cost expenditures and keep the machine going. It’s a game they’ve been playing for quite some time but you have to be in a marketplace conducive to the requirements but LA is one of them. Unfortunately, for the Dodgers they had plenty of star power before, with a Triple Crown treat in Matt Kemp and Cy Young award winner in Clayton Kershaw and that wasn’t enough to even make the post season let alone the big show. So what’s the problem? Well, all the stick in the world doesn’t do you any good if you don’t get the hits when there’s ducks on the pond and with runners in scoring position the Dodger bats were dormant before which was their achilles heel, and the problem persist today even with threats throughout the lineup. With two chances to pull within a ½ game of the lead in the NL West the Dodgers left 16 men on base against the sub-.500 marlins including 2-17 with runners in scoring position. Then followed that up by getting shut out by the Rockies the next night and now find themselves 3 games out with 33 games to play and the most difficult schedule of the top three teams in the West. At the end of the day the Dodgers don’t need a Yankeeish lineup of future Hall of Famers, what they need are “moneyballers” that can get a timely hit when necessary. That seems to be a commodity that is trading for a premium this time of year, and one that the new management should have looked for as they were droppin’ 400 million plus.

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