Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MLB Looking to go Back to the Future

May not be the best on Paper but you can’t deny they both deserve to be here. Game 1 of the 2012 World Series kicks off Wednesday night and the jury is still out on how compelling of series it will be for fans outside of the competing cities as it will not have the lure of the big name clubs that the Mothership loves to spoon feed us on a weekly basis (ie; Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, etc), or the biggest names but bias aside it will have the teams that best deserve to be there. I’ve read the post on this site as well as others across the net and understand the “best on paper” argument but this isn’t the NCAA Basketball tournament where it’s one-n-done. If you get beat by a team 3 times (DS) or 4 times (CS) they’re simply better than you. The Nats fans have ranted about if they didn’t shut Stass’ down, the Reds fans have countered with 97 wins in the most competitive division in baseball, and of course the Cards have those lovely patches on their sleeves that will now need to go to the tailors before the start of next season. However in the spirit of the debate season let me simply cut you off mid-sentence and say if you lose three closeout games in your own house, blow a 6 run lead in a deciding game, or blow 3-1 lead with your ace taking the bump in any of next 3, you deserve to watch from the comfort of your own home. One the other side, if your payroll is half the national debt and but your batting average in the post season is less than Justin Bieber’s weight you’re not going to be playing much winter ball. Hats off to the A’s fans again trying to urge the little train that could up the hill, and Orioles fans for a second great stretch run but that just shows you how step that hill is to get to top. The Rangers are coming dangerously close to the textbook definition of “Braveish” as they now appear to have the best regular season team in AL history but never stick around for the after- hours party. So let’s give kudos to the clubs that answered the call as the Giants’ run to this point has rivaled any that we’ve witnessed. Not just because of the afore mentioned comeback in the NLCS, starting with 16-1 odds to start the season, then losing the All-Star and team MVP mid-way through while increasing their division lead after he went down despite a “Yankee like” spending spree by the Dodgers to take the division in a 1-n-done effort, and lastly to go 6-0 in elimination games in the post season and outscoring their opponents 45-16 in the process. The Tigers were three games back of the Sox in the AL Central in Mid-September and 5 games out of the wild card race. They only 12-7 to end the season but then kicked it into another gear in the post going 7-2. Also sharing the distinction of starting the season with outside odds to get to the show at 14-1. As the Series kicks off tonight let’s not think about whom we would have wanted to see and instead appreciate the fact that these are the two clubs that are playing the best RIGHT NOW and should be representing their respective leagues in what should be a very competitive and well played series that true enthusiast of the game will appreciate. Now unlike most of you that read blogs and view websites, I am old enough to remember the 1-70 “show me series” between the Royals and Cards that turned out to be a 7-game thriller that not many outside of the mid-west turned on to see but wish they had, 23 years later this could be one worthy of a nickname as well.

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