Monday, August 5, 2013

MLB Drops the Other Shoe As ARod Drops the Ball

MLB released it’s newest greatest ‘hitlist’ today with one familiar artest being left off. Obviously the biggest name on the album would have been Alex Rodriguez but he’s inclined to appeal in an attempt to stave off the inevitable long enough to help the Yankees attempt to grab a wild card spot and try to preserve any affinity that is left for him in the big apple. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that the NY Press is as supportive have the general census has been for him just to go away. I’m not sure what his team thinks is going to happen or what their overall endgame might be but this time MLB in regards to evidence MLB has not only got the somkin’ gun, but eye witnesses, video, and fingerprints. Evidently this is such a slam dunk that all the others dubiously on the list have immediately agreed to take the 50-game suspension and attempt to move on and hopefully it will eventually go away. It seemed like after losing the Ryan Braun arbitration Selig and company retreated to base camp, refortified and came back with a blitzkrieg of information so overwhelming that most saw the writing on the wall. Speaking of the that wall here are the names of those you will not be seeing in uniform for the rest of the season. Nelson Cruz – Texas Jhonny Peralta – Detroit Antonio Bastardo – Philadelphia Jordany Valdespin – NY Mets Everth Cabrera – San Diego Fautino De Los Santos – San Diego Jesus Montero – Seattle Cesar Puello – NY Mets Fernando Martinez – NY Yankees Sergio Escalona – Houston Francisco Cervelli – NY Yankees Jordan Norberto Perhaps A-Rod should take the road most traveled on this one because it could get ugly, and if the Ryan Braun scenario was any harbinger, it will further destroy the legacy of someone who was destined to be a first ballet HOF’er with over 600 jacks and the first quarter billion dollar man. Braun took his win in the appellate court as a cue to launch an offensive on the MLB process and must have assumed that would be the end of it but it will cost him 3.6 million in salary hit for games missed and that pales in comparison to the hit to his reputation and fan base. So it may be true that New York loves a winner and in the words of Nike “winning solves everything”, but he should keep in mind that MLB is threatening to suspend him through the 2014 season and if he pushes and loses it could be even longer. That realistically should be the end of his career and he has to weigh going out in most inauspicious manner for a player of his caliber in history, and coming back as a DH for a AA ball club isn’t a fitting in for what he accomplished on the field. In short, his attempt to erase his conduct off the field by what he does on it may backfire to the point where nobody remembers what he actually did when he was.

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