Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Back to the Future as Lincecum Comes to the Giants Rescue

Seems like old times as the Giants really needed a lift after they had lost 8 of 10, just put their titular MVP, Angel Pigan had to go on the DL, and have seen their once double digit lead reduced to 3 games over the Dodgers. Enter Tim Lincecum, their two-time Cy Young award winner that quite frankly most of the league doesn’t fear much any more, but with a glorious past as being unhittable when his stuff is on. Well Michael J. Fox was back in the house as Lincecum looked like he did about six years ago and not only got the much needed win for the GMen but no-hit the Padres for the second time in his career. A big win for Tim whom was only 5-5 on the year with an ERA to match at almost 5 (4.65), hardly inTIMidating. However, he put it together against San Diego who went back to the future to get a second taste of no-no pie from Lincecum. To say San Francisco needed it couldn’t be overstated as they begin a nasty stretch of games that could open the door for LA to run them down if not catch them by the All-Star Break including a series with the Reds, Cards, and Athletics. If the Giants can hold the lead into the break, get healthy, we might see them return to the spotlight but if they let the Dodgers take 1st from them, much like last year, they may not get it back.

MLB Moves Towards the Break w/New Faces on Top

As the MLB season speeds towards the midway point and competes for prominence with the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup, US Open, and World Cup what’s gotten lost in the fog has been a great season that has already had it share of ebbs and flows, new milestones reached, and golden arms. Best of all, with the exception of the A’s and Tigers it’s all new names at the top of each division, but will they be there come Fall remains to be seen. AL East has gone to the birds as the Jays and Orioles have perched atop the division and look like they finally have the roster depth to do more than set up good mid-week ratings for EPSN before bowing out to the Sox or Yankees around game 140. The Jays went on a roll where they won 20 out of 24, which shot them to the top of the division getting giving some of it back by a split with Orioles, and getting swept by the Yankees. We’ll get a good a better litmus test on the staying power of the fowl from across the border over the next three weeks ad it reads like a road map on how to get from first to last via the causeway, including series with the Yankees, White Sox, Brewers, A’s, Angels, and Rays. The Orioles have had good seasons from Adam Jones, Nelson Cruz, J.J. Hardy and Steve Pearce among others and the only thing outshining the Orioles season thus far is the future if they can keep all the young guns on the roster. In the meantime we look for the birds to make a run and be around when the leaves turn brown. Next UP........NL East
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