Monday, October 6, 2014

Body of Work Doesn't Get You Far In October

If the MLB playoffs were the NCAA tournament everyone’s bracket would be thoroughly busted at this point with club with the best record in all of baseball not only eliminated but swept out, and the club with the best record in the NL dropping the first two games at home to trail 0-2 going on the road. The Angels’ bats that had come through with timely hitting the entire season en route to 98 wins couldn’t get any when it counted and dropped two tough extra inning games to start the series and then it was all over but the shouting as they laid down in KC in game 3 to complete the sweep. In the other AL matchup the #2 Baltimore Orioles also brought their brooms as they swept the #3 Detroit Tigers away in very orderly fashion, by getting the upper hand in two one-run games that pushed them into the next round. Crazy how all of that stick in the Tigers lineup couldn’t produce more than one run at home in an elimination game and how the “Three-Headed Monster” of three consecutive Cy Young award winners couldn’t produce even one win. This will be a very long winter for both of those clubs and their fans as you would have to wonder how much more of a favorable matchup will you ever see for a chance to get to the show?

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