Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Baseball Playoffs – All about the Wild Wild West

Just a couple of months ago we ran post elaborating on how five of the six division races were up for grabs and how the team on top ‘right now’ will probably not be the one raising the pennant in October. Well for all intent and purposes all but one of those races has been decided and the one that’s left could do down in history as the best ever in the wild card era.
The Astros had lead the division for most almost the entire season with a brief exception in July when the Angles took over for about a week but other than that aberration, Houston sat on top and were the talk of the league. Then heading into the home stretch the Rangers took over the lead in mid-September looked to cruse their way in. Now at the wire all three are neck-n-neck, and the Rangers are fading near the tape, losers of 3 straight, 5 of their last 10, and still have to face the Tigers for two more then of course the 4-game series with the Angels that will decide the division title in one way or anther. Speaking of the Angels, of the three horses they appear to be peaking at the right time. Winners of 8 of their last 10, more importantly 10-0 in one-run games the Angels have not only won games they had to win but done it against good competition (taking 2/3 from Texas, 3/4 Twins, sweeping Seattle, and 2/3 Houston) and for all intent and purposes have been playing playoff games for the last three weeks. Now they sit two games back of the division and .5 out of the wild card. That brings us to the perpetual division leaders Houston, the feel good story of the league this year, looked like they were a shoe-in for a worst-to-first story a month ago now are not only fighting to win the division they had won but for their playoff lives. Fortunately for the Stros they don’t have a dog in the TX/SoCal fight will surely benefit if they beat each other up and split the series. Six games vs. two non-playoff clubs in Seattle and Arizona even though they’re on the road should help the Astros at least get the wild card if they don’t get the division. One thing that needs to be noted is that second place may not get you a gold star and a champagne party to start October but it may give you a golden ticket to the promised land as we have seen plenty of teams come out of the WC game to go on to the World Series and it seems like the big hurdle is that one game playoff game on the road. But considering the way these three clubs have had to play for the last month they should hit the playoffs running and with a ton of momentum and they won’t be someone the Jays, Royals, or Yankees will want to face.

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